Frequently asked questions from Advertisers

We are running advertising campaigns on mobile devices under a «risk-free» performance marketing concept.
Performance marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to a risk-free online marketing concept where you pay for particular measurable results; In other words, you only pay when a specific action is completed. For example, if you have a mobile application it’s most likely that you are interested in paying for new users, not for abstract clicks or impression ads.
Our pricing model is simple — pay for user actions that matter to you. Such model is called CPA(Cost per Action) and has common submodles CPI(Cost per Install), CPL(Cost per Lead) and Revenue Share(pay a percentage from a sale). If you’re looking for other options, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Almost everything, but you must remember that we generate traffic from mobile devices (iOS, Windows Phone, Android). As such, we are your best option when it comes to advertising mobile apps, mobile web resources, etc.
Partners(or Affiliates) from our affiliate network.
Affiliates are our partners with particular traffic sources(such as web site, mobile app, etc.)
Almost anywhere in the worls. But with particular high volumes from Russia.
Every campaign has a set of properties that can be fine-tuned, including geo-targeting, allowed traffic sources, and advertising or traffic types.
Fraud is the act of simulating legitimate ad campaign traffic. For example, masking geo of the traffic, attracting incent traffic to non-incent campaigns, etc.
Unfortunately, we cannot absolutely exclude the possibility of such activity, but we do perform a set of actions that allows us to minimize it. First, affiliates go through a series of checks in order to start working with your campaigns. Furthermore, we don’t consider a run of your campaign as a static process, but an ongoing one. We work closely with you, running daily reports and analyses that allow us both to tune your campaign and prevent fraud activities.
Only if you want us to; otherwise it’s forbidden.
It depends on the particular ad. campaign. For example, if you want to drive new users to your mobile app, the volume would depend on the size of the app, the platform it works on, the type of the app, and the brand it’s published under. Contact us and we will help to evaluate potential numbers.
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Frequently asked questions from Affiliates

We are a mobile performance marketing company building an high class affiliate network all over the world.
You get a reward when the action (or stack of actions) described in an offer has occurred.
The offer is a description (defined by an advertiser) of a desired action (or stack of actions) to be performed. For example, an offer for mobile application usually suggests that the application should be installed by a user.
The advertiser is the registered individual or company who is running its ad. campaigns with the help of the Clickheaven.
Any company or individual with legal traffic sources that meet our requirements could become our partner
After you send a signup request, a representative will contact you for more information (such as experience, traffic sources, payment information, etc.). After this short interview we will make a decision if you’re qualified.
It various from offer to offer but usually dont exceed once a month period.
Sure! We’re always looking for new geo of traffic sources. Contact us and we will figure out how to use that traffic source.
Unfortunately yes. Such situation could occur when an advertiser asks for a hold – a particular time that they need in order to check the quality of the traffic you provided. There are two cases when this happens: as one of the conditions in an offer description, or when an advertiser has suspicion of traffic fraud.
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